Douglas County Health Center Foundation 

June 9, 2017

Coral Canyon, eSea Virtual Aquarium ©The Sky Factory                                      

Because of your incredibly generous giving, long-term care residents living with Alzheimer’s and dementia at Douglas County Health Center will have reefs and rivers and oceans and lagoons of new friends living alongside them in their neighborhood. Our goal during this year’s 24-hour charitable challenge was $10,000 and our preliminary total* shows you helped us raise $8,213! Thank you.

Residents will enjoy viewing various sea life in their eSea virtual aquarium such as: clown fish, sea nettle jellyfish, blacktail damselfish, anemones, squirrelfish, stag coral, sandbar sharks, copperband butterflyfish and too many other species to list here are included in the aquarium’s bountiful underwater environments. In a previous eNewsletter we communicated to you that research has shown that elders have reduced physiological stress and increased relaxation response when viewing an aquarium and this can also lead to increased appetite, increased nutrition, calmed behaviors and weight gain. We believe these positive effects will benefit many of our residents and we truly couldn’t have achieved the ambitious goal with you.

From the tips of our fins to the tops of our tails, again, thank you for believing in what we do and for supporting long-term care residents who call Douglas County Health Center home.

*Omaha Gives! website says, “Preliminary total so hold tight while we crunch all the numbers!”